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We supply to contractors and home owners. You can order Aluminium Fencing and Vinyl Fencing by contacting us via phone or email. Likewise, you are welcome to order Commercial Fences, Driveway gates, Wood and Chain link products from us.




Time Access Control and Security is one of the leading trade merchants of barbed wire to agricultural fencing contractors and private commissions throughout South Africa and Africa. Coiled barbed wire supplies a vital protection finish to any agricultural security/stock fencing. Our barbed wire is available in a galvanised or green annealed finish.

Time Access Control and Security supply barbed wire in a varying range of sizes and gauges in 200m rolls. Barbed wire is supplied on either timber or plastic reels with full weight bearing handles to aide secure and safe handling during transport and deployment.

To complement our barbed wire products, we also offer barbed wire brackets which allow easy fitment to fencing systems as palisade fencing and other industrial fencing alternatives.

Garden Fencing


Time Access Control and Security is one of the leading agricultural trade merchants and we are proud to include a great range of garden fencing into our agricultural supplies.

Our garden fencing is as a common mesh-type of fencing available in both PVC coated and galvanised. A 2" diamond mesh with a range of widths and gauges can be supplied with accompanying line wire. There is a correct way to erect our garden fencing, so if you are unsure of installation, please read below or else contact Time Access Control and Security. Our representatives will be happy to help.
  • Set a straining post at each end of the garden fence and at each change of lateral direction (angles Left or Right from the original direction). Straining posts should be set in 24" deep holes filled with concrete and strengthened with stays.
  • Place intermediate posts at 6ยด intervals between the straining posts. Intermediate posts should be set in holes 18" deep.
  • Unroll the coil of line wire and strain between the straining posts, one wire between the top of the post and one wire between the base.
  • Unroll the garden fencing and secure one end to the straining posts using staples, stretcher bars or tie wire.
  • Tension the garden fencing between the two straining posts and secure.
  • Fasten the garden fencing to the intermediate posts using staples, stretcher bars or tie wire and tie the chain link to the line wires. There you go! Your garden fencing should now be installed to your requirements.
  • During installation, please use appropriate clothing. This includes hand and eye protection to prevent injury, such as lacerations and cuts.

Wire Netting

A popular and cost effective product, wire netting is suitable for many uses in both D.I.Y and industrial situations. Available in both galvanised and powdered coated for material protection. A wide range of widths are accompanied by a variety of hexagonal hole sizes and a number of different lengths.


Home security should be foremost on your mind. Protect yourself and your loved ones as well as your property

For this reason most homes have a security system installed. Once triggered, an alarm will sound while some even have the ability to send a signal to the police that an intruder is attempting to break in.

Most electric fences used in the urban areas are placed on top of a concrete wall. This is simply an added measure for those who are able to climb it.

Houses in the city generally rely on infrared or digital systems

For farmers, the electric fence has a dual purpose. It prevents livestock from wandering and helps to prevent loss from both theft and injury or death from predators.

It is likely that an intruder or a predator will have a shocking experience when coming into contact with the electric fence and will not to try it again.


baston pro fencing

BASTION PRO Panels are ideal where security is required but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance. It is designed to be strong and resilient and yet remain unobtrusive and elegant.

The panels are manufactured from 4.5mm thick steel wire, profiled horizontally to significantly increase the rigidity of the panel. The mesh itself is at variable spacings both horizontally and vertically and fully welded at every intersection. The width of these panels suit post centres of approx. 3000mm and the panel has a flush edge.

VARIABLE WIRE SPACINGS โ€“ Both horizontally and vertically for a distinctive appearance DIFFICULT TO CLIMB โ€“ No foot holds 3000mm WIDE PANELS โ€“ Reduces number of posts required, versus conventional mesh systems

Stock Fencing

The stockfence offers optimum strength, durability, tautness and ease of installation for a low lifetime cost and effortless maintenance.

X Fence

X-Fence is produced in New Zealand using the highest quality primary metal and revolutionary cold-forged manufacturing technology.
Chestnut Fencing

is a strong and effective fencing for temporary and permanent use which can be erected quickly and easily.

Bastion Pro System

Bastion Pro

Panels are ideal where security is required but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance.

Bastion Duo

TAS have incorporated all the Individual requirements in the Bastion Duo needed for a professional, robust, and affordable fencing system

Masterfence Stockfencing

Masterfence Stockfencing is made from heavily galvanised wire which enables it to meet your long life demands with the strength and quality you require